Suspension Adjustments

It's time to get the car ready for next year. Unbelievably we appear to have no breakages to deal with so it's time to make some improvements.

nullAs the suspension is relatively new, during the season I only increased the Rebound on the rear dampers on the advice of Phil Price but made no other adjustments. We noticed a dramatic improvement in the handling of the car from just that small adjustment so 'tweaking' the suspension has to be a priority.

I obviously needed to stiffen up the suspension for the first event next year as it is a completely sealed surface (tarmac) event at Brands Hatch, so decided to adjust the Bump & Rebound settings.

To check the 'Bump' settings, the adjuster is wound fully clockwise and then adjusted back up to the required setting. When I checked the nearside rear damper, I discovered that the adjustment was set at zero!! This means that we have been competing with one damper set to 'fully soft'

Not only would this make the car handle not much better than if it was on standard road suspension, but it would also be handling like this on one corner only!

I can only blame myself for this, but as the dampers were supplied 'set' for Gravel Rallying, I did not want to mess around with them and decided to use them as they were before I made any adjustments.

It is now time to make some adjustments!

I have set the 'Rebound' for each damper to their stiffest setting and increased the 'Bump' settings of all four dampers. I genuinely cannot wait to try the car :)