Sponsorship and Money!

Sponsorship and Money are ‘Dirty Words’ right?? Unfortunately I have to discuss the subject as I cannot take part in Motorsport without them.

Sponsorship will inevitably mean money but not necessarily cash and I am lucky enough to have support that enables me to reduce my costs by having the use of workshops, vehicles and free or reduced cost parts. The largest saving for me however is labour. I am in the fortunate position of having friends that use their own time (which also means money) to help me! I cannot describe how lucky I am to have such fantastic friends.

Rallying really is a Team Sport, and whilst most people would not necessarily think of me as a Team Player I can assure you that I could do nothing without all the people around and behind me helping to do what I love.


However, people, parts and the use of vehicles are no use if you do not have the money to be able to compete. In my position you use your own money and spend as little of it as you can! This usually means competing on only a few events a year, and then choosing the ones closest to home. The logistics involved in competing on an event which mean an overnight stay can push up costs massively. Not only are there additional fuel costs, but also accommodation for all involved.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who could not believe how little per event I spend. I don't do this because I am 'tight' but because we genuinely do not have the money. I really shouldn't be rallying at all!

So what do you do?

Well, you just have to look at the motorcycle racing world where Racers sleep in the back of the van that they used to bring the bike to the Race Track!


To be honest, we will all deny it but everyone who takes part in Motorsport must be rich (relatively speaking) because we are spending money that is not a necessity.

So, it's all about money then? No - The time and effort required at amateur level Motorsport means that you can only compete if you are also prepared to put in the hard work required to finally sit on the Start Line. (Getting to the Finish Line is a different story!)

I justify the money I spend on Motorsport on such grounds as the fact that I don't go to the pub every night and I have never smoked like other people I know, meaning that I am not spending money on what I see as wasteful but I am sure that they feel the same about me.

However, selfishly after my brother died I decided that I was not prepared to miss out on something that I love and feel that I have a talent for because 'when it's too late then it's just too late!'

So what does a business gain from sponsorship apart from seeing their name on a (mainly dirty) car hurtling through a forest?
Well, in my opinion most sponsors know one of the team personally and are helping them out of the kindness of their own heart. This is certainly true in my case. However, there are definite benefits otherwise the huge amounts of money spent on sponsorship would just be a tax loss wouldn't it?
One very small example: I drink 'Nastro Azzurro' (and now Peroni) because I saw it in an Italian Restaurant menu and not even knowing what it was previously, I had to try it as I had seen it on the side of Valentino Rossi's motorbike. I now drink it regularly :)
There are various ways to make sponsorship work for you if the people you are sponsoring work at it for you and increase the exposure of your company to your target audience. Local Press articles help a small business who has one location but Social Media is clearly a MASSIVE benefit to any business nowadays. And why not write a Blog or create your own website?? :)


So why am I writing this article? Well, partly because people may be interested, but also because I hope that this increases exposure for my own sponsors. If you have enjoyed reading it, please let me know. More will hopefully follow!