Hans Devices

So for 2016 onwards, everyone competing in Rallying has to wear a HANS Device. Is that good? Well, as most things both Yes AND No.

The Good Points are all based on Safety, so I guess you can't really argue with the decision because when you know that you are putting yourself in danger anything that makes you safer has to be a good thing.

The Bad Points as usual are based on Money. Unfortunately, not only do you have to buy a HANS device but most competitors will also have to buy a new helmet.

There is no arguing against the safety benefits of wearing a HANS Device.

If you want an illustration of this, watch the video on the right!

A HANS Device can only be fitted to a helmet that has been designed to allow the fitting of one. Unfortunately this means that most competitors need to buy a new helmet as well as a HANS Device to compete in 2016. The helmet of choice now seems to be the Stilo WRC DES. Retailing at around £700, when purchased with a HANS Device at around £300 you could be spending around £1,000 before you even start the season!

Luckily, I already have a HANS Device and compatible Helmet. I say 'lucky' because when Phil Goulding discovered that reading Pace Notes make him ill, he sold me his helmet at a bargain price so that my daughter Tiffany could Co-Drive on the 2013 WyeDean Rally. As it already had HANS Posts fitted, I bought a Carbon Fibre HANS Device from EBay as I wanted Tiffany to be as safe as possible. HANS Devices were not then compulsory, so it didn't cost a lot!
However, I could previously wear my 'Old' Helmet but now it will no longer be allowed. This means that for my son or daughter to Co-Drive occasionally, I will have to spend quite a lot of money!

As I have previously stated, Rallying is not cheap but I hope this isn't the start of an expensive list of compulsory demands because The 'Health & Safety Police' have become involved!