Rallying an Impreza Wagon...

on a (very) limited budget

I created this website to keep a record of my Rallying and to publicise the help and hard work by my friends and sponsors

Take a look at my Blog where I will try to add some interesting stories. I hope that you like it!

The Car I use is a 1997 Subaru Impreza Wagon

Why a Wagon? Well, it was cheap (I bought it on eBay) and it's different. Who else do you know that competes in an Estate Car??

Over the years, and with enormous help from GB Motorservices in Ross-on-Wye it has been changed and upgraded significantly.

Gary Bollands

We couldn't enjoy our sport without the support of the following sponsors so please help by taking the time to visit their websites (Click on their logos below)

Others who help that I must mention:

  • Rob Carter - Vehicle Welding Services (Hereford) Limited
  • My Regular Service Crew who endure all weathers and abuse:
    Kevin Goulding, Robert Jode, Nigel Baldwin, Peter Fitzgerald & Jack Goulding plus other friends who help when they can - Thank you all for your help!
  • My lovely wife (Kate Bollands) who puts up with me spending money we don't have and going away with 'The Boys'

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